About Me

I am an “old school” hardware hacker. Ever since I was a little kid I loved taking apart electronics and toys and electronic toys (remember Maniac, ZAP!, Merlin, Split Second?) I tried putting them back together in my own way to do things that they were not designed to do. I always thought I was making them better. Most of the time I ended up taking something that was perfectly fine and adding one new “feature” or option I thought it was lacking while breaking three others!

There was the time when I was a kid and I opened up a transistor radio and removed the speaker and reconnected it with an extra long piece of wire so I could listen to it in my fort under the table while the rest of it was somewhere else. Never-mind that I couldn’t change stations or adjust the volume, it was just cool that I made it do something else. I also have a bit of Mad Genius in me too because I instantly realized I could put that speaker in my little sisters room and pump static or talk radio into it from outside in the hall and scare the hell out of her!