Connecting external switches…

As I am writing this I again realize that I did not take pictures of the “before” part of this segment… (insert Picard face palm here). Just take my word the the little thing in this picture was connected to the edge of the tablet with a ribbon cable. PWR - VolUp - VolDnThe three little silver bumps are actually tiny switches that the Power/VolUp/VolDwn buttons on the tablet case activate when pressed. The plan is to wire these little switches to bigger ones on the front of the tablet enclosure so they can be operated in an easier to access way like the other controls in your car. This proved to be a very tedious and nerve wracking experience.

Contact pads

Those silver bubbles are actually just that. When pressed down by the plastic button in the tablet case they close a circuit and signal the tablet to do something. Those bubbles are covered and held into place by some Mylar tape. After pulling off the Mylar and the bubbles you see what is really going on underneath.

Power or Volume Down?Here is my first set of wires soldered to the pads. You can see that I had to solder one wire to the little center pad and then one wire had to be soldered to the littler ring going around the center pad! This went pretty well and I was very pleased with myself. I thought this would be a breeze. Ha! How wrong was I!? The next two buttons tried my patience and my faith. When finished, the soldering job looked like that blob of drywall mud covering that hole you put in the hallway wall while practicing street hockey slap-shots as a kid.

Revel in my glory with me, wont you?

All 3 sets of wires soldered and epoxy'ed in place.
All 3 sets of wires soldered and epoxy’ed in place.


Switch assortment

This is the assortment of switches I purchased. None of the rocker switches I got would work because they all had a common ground. Because of the way the tablet (this and others from my research on the web) has the buttons set up you cannot share the ground. This is why I am using momentary switches for all. It’s not a bad solution. I could have spent more time looking for a usable rocker but I was impatient.

switchesinThis is the switch I used for Volume control, Momentary Push Button
This is the switch I used for the Power button, Momentary Metal Push Button

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