Custom tablet enclosure part 1

I knew I wanted to remove the tablet screen and electronics and mount them into my own shell which would be built into the dash. I’m realizing now I did not video that part of this or take pictures! There are tons of pictures out there about opening these types of tablets. Here is one of them that I watched, LINK TO VIDEO, it is an actual tear down of a tablet similar to the one I am using.

This is the plastic enclosure I ordered to use for this project, BUD Industries TGB-32612-B. My plan was to cut out an opening in one side of it that the tablet screen would drop into. Here are some pictures of my first attempt. I ordered two of the above enclosures just in case. I actually ordered doubles of all my parts except for the tablet itself.

After some very loud and prolonged Dremel action I felt like I was making some good progress.

After getting started with the back side of my enclosure I was able to again complete some very loud and long Dremeling and again using just eyeball measurements end up with a pretty accurate cut-out for my tablet screen.


Here is a video of the screen in place after some additional grinding and sanding to get a nice tight fit.

Here is my beginning work on the tablet enclosure to get it to fit into the factory radio bezel,

This is a┬ávideo talking about the back of the custom tablet enclosure also…

These pictures show a minor problem regarding how the tablet enclosure aligns when attached to the factory radio bezel. It also shows examples of a constant problem with this build, how to finish the surface of the epoxy putty. I’ve said it before, sanding and more sanding was the key.



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